Podcast Schedule

The episode release schedule for The Local Hustle Podcast is going to be fornightly (every two weeks).

No, not this...

Teen playing Fortnite

Although I do love meeting and interviewing guests, and using all the techy audio gear, I want this podcast to be sustainable for me to continue. At the same time, I still want to keep the frequency fairly regular, so I felt that fortnightly would be a good balance between weekly and fortnightly.

At least until I can really streamline the process and build up the team. Do you know anyone with some nice digital audio skills? ???? Let me know.

As of the date I'm typing this, episode #1 with Simon Bank was published last week, and episode #2 with ... will drop next week. (Any ideas?)

If you have somebody you would like to suggest be interviewed on the podcast, head over to the suggestion box at thelocalhustle.com.au/suggest.


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