Podcast Services

Social Media Sharing

We will share your podcast episodes out on your own social media channels whenever a new episode is published.

Post Production

We will clean up your audio by removing um's and ah's, cutting dead air/silences, and smoothing over sibilances (any harsh t's p's and s's).

Podcast Artwork

We can help with any graphic design work for your podcast, such as logo, cover artwork, mailing list templates etc.

Podcast Transcription

We will transcribe the entire audio from the episode into human (and search engine) readable text, complete with speaker labels so you know who's talking.

Episode Show Notes

We can listen through your podcast episode and write up a paragraph or two of show notes. This can include a summary of the episode, and also any resources or references talked about during the episode.

This is good for visitors to skim to get an idea of what the episode will be about, and for returning listeners looking for resources.

Podcast Hosting and Distribution

We will handle the process of getting your podcast hosted online and distributed to the major podcast hosting platforms, including: iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Breaker, Acast, Overcast

Mailing List

We will set you up with a mailing list platform for you to schedule email alerts to your subscribers when new episodes are released.

What will it cost?

Each of these add-ons can vary per podcast, so send us a message with some more info about your podcast and we'll give you an indication of pricing.

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